I’m sure we are not alone in this idea, but my best friend and I came up with an idea to do Sunday projects together of all the things we find on Pinterest and the DIY Network. Well, that was over 3 months ago. Since then we’ve pinned and bookmarked enough to keep us busy for the next 5 years! But inspiration and creativity is stemmed from these “must do’s” and I’m sure my design work is positively affected by these “future” projects.

Among Pinterest and DIY Network I have so many blogs I get daily updates on using, it’s an amazing collection that saves you time by collecting (and emailing if you wish) the blog you love! My favorite this May? Independent Decorative Painter, Kristen F Davis. She’s really an incredible designer and documents her process! My graphic design inspiration stems from Colour Lovers, TutVids, Logopond and Muse. Seeing the paths that fellow designers have taken can spark a thought and path that you otherwise wouldn’t have.  I find that even looking over color palettes can inspire a relatable images for me when designing logos.

I have another good friend that has a side business refurbing furniture, it usually will stay in her home for a bit before she gets tired of it and refreshes her home with a new look. It’s a great concept really, to be ever-evolving, constantly inspired and not tied down to “stuff”? I’m in the process of looking at new places to move into and even though I still won’t own my home, I’m really looking to follow the steps of my good friend, Meredith, and have it be a ever evolving canvas, that cultivates creativity and not just a temporary resting place, but truly feels like home.

Where do you get inspired? What’s your top 3 DIY projects you want to make?